Get Fitbit Alta Fitness Fit


The fitbit alta fitness wristband is sleek and stylish. It is designed to be comfortable for continuous wear. Also, your new device will be sweat, rain, and splash proof making it durable. The battery life is exceptionally long, lasting up to 5 days and 5 nights, making sure you always have the power to track. You can be sure that the fitbit alta will go with any outfit when you pick from their wide variety of accessory band styles. Just put it on and let it do the tracking for you.

Unlike a tracker on your phone the fitbit alta fitness tracker is always on you keeping count of every step you take. You no longer have to guess about the steps that were missed when you left your phone on the charger or in your bag. The fitbit alta is 10 times more reliable making sure every step, calorie burned and mile gets counted.

Another great advantage of fitbit alta is that is recognizes certain activities instantly. You no longer have to type in every exercise routine you do. The fitbit recognizes and automatically records your moments of intensity. As well as the smart track it has auto sleep tracking and the ability to set silent alarms.

This feature seems to be a favorite with many of the consumers. The hourly reminders keep track of your activity. If you haven't hit at least 250 steps that hour the fitbit alta will tell you to take a lap. This keeps your activity level up all day. Unlike other competitors that tell you when it's too late to catch up, boo!

The fitbit alta can sync wirelessly with many devices. You can sync it to your smartphone. This ability not only makes it so everything on your fitbit alta is recorded to your phone but you can check call and text notifications on your fitbit alta display. Another device that makes tracking your fitness goals easier is the fitbit aria wi-fi smart scale. Every time you step on the scale your weight is automatically recorded saving you time in your days busy schedule.

The screen display is exceptional. The tap feature makes it easy to use. Also, there is no lag when switching between screens. The display is easy to read and the scratch resistant screen will make sure it stays easy to read. You can also set the display to your preference of vertical or horizontal.

Overall the fitbit alta is a great beginner fitness tracker. It has all the features needed to better understand your daily activity level and what goals need to be set to start your journey to a healthier lifestyle. The ability to customize your band to fit any occasion will have you friends complimenting your cute new watch. Little do they know it's so much more. You will love your new device and the price tag will make it so your wallet loves it too.